iSPECT Building Inspections offer high quality and detailed building inspections in Perth at competitive prices. If you are buying a new home we can assist you to understand the condition of the property before you bid at auction or submit an offer. Our inspection will identify hazards and damages before they become a major concern to your safety and potentially cause financial distress.

A building inspection report offers invaluable advice to existing property owners. While you may think your home or investment property is to standard, we recommend that you seek the opinion of an industry expert such as our fully qualified Perth building inspectors.

The building inspection will cover all aspects of the property from external to internal checking for signs of potential damage and health risks such as wood rot, cracks, leaks, mould, decay, broken pailings or tiling and structural failings.

A building inspection is often combined with a pest inspection and is referred to as a building and pest inspection.

The pest inspection provides advice about timber pest activity at the property. It also assesses the risk of a pest infestation and provides information about current or past timber pest attacks by: subterranean and dampwood termites (white ants); borers of seasoned timber; and wood decay fungi (rot).

  • We liaise with agents, vendors and property managers for access to a property.
  • The building inspection report in Perth is completed out in accordance with AS4349. 1-2007.
  • Building and Pest Inspection Reports are completed digitally and emailed in PDF format within 24 hours of inspection.
  • iSPECT Building Inspections comply with WorkSafe Western Australia new safety regulations for roof space access.

Sample Report

You can download a Building Inspection (Combined Pest) sample report from the link below.

* Raw photos of your inspection with embedded Geotag and date/time are also available with the report ON DEMAND

Building Inspection Cost

Combined Building and Pest Inspection Cost